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Swagtron Swagcycle Pro Folding Electr...

One of the smallest foldable electric bikes with high torgue that can reach speeds up to 18mph. The battery is powerful and can last for 15 miles with average riding conditions. This electric bike is lightweight at only 30 lbs and can handl...


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Best Water Bike - Bikeboat - Pontoon ...

This water bike is the best and most affordable lake bike you can buy. It takes about 25 days to receive it since it ships from overseas but well worth the wait and price. The bikeboat design and build is of high quality with the best engin...


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Lazy Lounger Lake Float

Very comfortable full size lazy lounger lake float that will make your next river trip a blast! Big joe lazy float has a cup holder and will keep you upright while floating around the lake in style.


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Clear bottom inflatable raft

The coolest inflatable raft that has a clear bottom. Your next pool or lake day will be alot more fun since you can see under water while sitting in this awesome raft.


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Float Around Inflatable Hammock Chair

Really cool float around hammock chair that inflates fast and folds up small. Great addition for your next trip to the lake or pool. I personally use one in the bridgewater channel at lake havasu.


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Lake Noodler Float With Cup Holder

Great one person noodler float that has a cup holder. You can float comfortably out on the lake this summer, but be prepared for your friends and family trying to grab it before you do!


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Roxy Straw Hat

Very stylish roxy women's tomboy straw hat that will be a great addition to your next lake day. Stay shaded and much cooler when those summer temps start to soar.


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Stable 3 Wheel Electric Scooter with ...

Awesome 3 wheel scooter that has rear suspension that will reach speeds of 15.5 mph and last for up to 24 miles! This seems like the perfect scooter for those of you that want a much more stable ride around town.


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42mph 125cc Jeep for Adults

Very cool 125cc jeep with 3 speeds and reverse that will reach speeds up to 42mph! This mini motorized jeep is an affordable way to hit the trails with friends and look pretty cool at the same time.


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Inflatable Pedal Runner Float

Cruise around the lake with an inflatable pedal powered raft float. Never drift off again since you can pedal your way around the pool or lake and turn some heads at the same time.


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42 mph Remote Control Boat

Super fast rc boat with a brushless motor and a cat design hull that absolutely rips! Kids and adults will have a blast at the lake and turn some heads when this boat flys by.


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Golf Cart Inflatable Lake Float

Inflatable golf cart lake float that looks pretty cool and has a canopy for those hot sunny days on the river. People will probably be checking you out since this is a pretty unique float.


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Lake havasu city arizona is home of the london bridge that was purchased by Robert P. McCulloch in 1964 then had it shipped brick by brick and reassembled it here in lake havasu. The official opening took place in October 1971 and has brought 1000s of visitors each year ever since. Lake havasu is known for it's great boating events, water sports, and beautiful trails for an ultimate vacation destination year round.