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42mph 125cc Jeep for Adults

Very cool 125cc jeep with 3 speeds and reverse that will reach speeds up to 42mph! This mini motorized jeep is an affordable way to hit the trails with friends and look pretty cool at the same time.


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37 mph Electric Motorcycle Chopper fo...

This is the coolest electric chopper motorcycle for adults that has a top speed of 37 mph and with a 40+ mile range on a single charge. The 2000 watt electric motor has plenty of power to take you around town comfortably. You will be the en...


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2400w 32mph Hiboy Titan Pro Electric ...

If you want a powerful scooter that reaches speeds up to 32mph and 40 miles of run time, then this beast of a scooter is for you! It's dual 1200 watt motors will take you over any terrain with ease including dirt trails.


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Fat Tire Electric Bike 750 watt Dirt ...

Top of the line fat tire electric bike with a very powerful 750 watt motor that can take you anywhere you want to go including dirt trails. 18 miles full electric or 30+ miles with pedal assist. Great reviews on this electric dirt bike.


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Best Water Bike - Bikeboat - Pontoon ...

This water bike is the best and most affordable lake bike you can buy. It takes about 25 days to receive it since it ships from overseas but well worth the wait and price. The bikeboat design and build is of high quality with the best engin...


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Stable 3 Wheel Electric Scooter with ...

Awesome 3 wheel scooter that has rear suspension that will reach speeds of 15.5 mph and last for up to 24 miles! This seems like the perfect scooter for those of you that want a much more stable ride around town.


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Electric Tricycle for Adults with Rev...

Really cool electric tricycle made for adults to scoot around with ease. This is a head turner since it has a very unique design and great for adults that don't want to ride on just 2 wheels. This trike has reverse and will travel up to 15 ...


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Oru Foldable Kayak Portable Lake Kayak

The oru Foldable kayak is the most portable kayak on the market. It's lightweight, stable and is easy to transport since it fits into the trunk of a car. People will be amazed when you unfold this cool kayak at the waters edge.


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Huge Inflatable Spa Island Float with...

One of the biggest inflatable islands I've seen with a full inflated canopy for great shade on those hot sunny days out on the lake. This thing holds up to 8 people comfortably and will be a show stopper once you hit the water with this beast.


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Lake havasu city arizona is home of the london bridge that was purchased by Robert P. McCulloch in 1964 then had it shipped brick by brick and reassembled it here in lake havasu. The official opening took place in October 1971 and has brought 1000s of visitors each year ever since. Lake havasu is known for it's great boating events, water sports, and beautiful trails for an ultimate vacation destination year round.