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Nerf Vortex Long Distance Lake Football

Nerf vortex long distance mini football that is perfect for the lake. Perfect throw every time with it's rear fins and whistles when thrown. All day fun at the lake with friends and family.


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Alpine Swiss Men's Flip Flops

Super comfortable alpine swiss flip flops for men. Great looking sandals for men that are lightweight and perfect the those hot days out on the river.


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Sonic Fin Lake Football

Throw up to 100 yards with this small but mighty lake football. Bright color for easy catches and durable for long lasting fun on the lake with your friends and family.


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Huk Wide Brim Lake Hat

This is a very comfortable and stylish wide brim hat that come in a few different colors and is great for men and women. I personally own three in different colors and they are the most comfortable hats i own. The brim stays ridgid as well.


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Inflatable Cooler Float

Inflatable cooler float with cup holders that will make your next lake day a blast since you can hang out in the water and grab a drink without having to walk onto the beach to get it. The built in cup holders are a big plus as well.


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Mesh Lake / Beach Bag

Before you head to the lake, you will need a lightweight beach bag to carry all of your accessories like towels, sunscreen, extra sandals and snacks. This is a great way to carry everything you need on your next trip to the lake.


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Extra Wide Sun Shade Hat Men / Women

This is a must have extra wide brim hat for men and women when it's hot and sunny out. Water repellent and will protect your head and body from the sun.


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Electric Air Pump for Inflatable Wate...

Great electric air pump for all of your inflatable water lake toys that is portable and powerful. You can inflate or deflate your inflatables in seconds with this durable air pump.


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Quicksilver Straw Lake Hat

Quicksilver is known for style and quality, so here is a great looking straw hat that will keep your face shaded from the hot sun and look good at the same time.


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Lake havasu city arizona is home of the london bridge that was purchased by Robert P. McCulloch in 1964 then had it shipped brick by brick and reassembled it here in lake havasu. The official opening took place in October 1971 and has brought 1000s of visitors each year ever since. Lake havasu is known for it's great boating events, water sports, and beautiful trails for an ultimate vacation destination year round.